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Great Lakes Peacebuilding Institute

PO Box 1470, Bujumbura, Burundi


+257 76 94 1981

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GLPI'S 2017 Annual Narrative Report

Published by GLPI on December 29, 2017


Over 14 years since its inception, GLPI remains committed in creating safe spaces where peacebuilders in the African Great Lakes Region are coming together with openness and mutual solidarity to build capacities, learn new tools, and share personal journeys in relation to building peace and transforming conflicts.


In a region where conflicts are complex, and challenges remain high, several individuals, organizations, communities, churches, and other concerned sectors are carrying out different initiatives to address the root causes of violence. Because the conflicts in the region are also interconnected and interlinked, emanating from post-colonial challenges to building nations and communities, several mechanisms are also created to coordinate and collaborate efforts at local, national, and regional levels.


Amid these complex environments and multiple regional actors, GLPI strives to be a center for peace education, training, and networking, bringing hundreds of peacebuilders from the African Great Lakes Region to undergo intensive theoretical and practical courses on peacebuilding, share best practices and learned lessons, and build a regional network of peacebuilders.


Year 2017 is a continued realization of the goals of GLPI. On its 14th year, GLPI had recorded a total of 365 trained participants from 126 organizations in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, and other countries in the Great Lakes Region. They are trained either through the main annual training institute which happens every October of each year in Gitega, Burundi or through special modules which are done through different times of the year in any of the countries in the region.


Because of the growing number of its alumni network, GLPI had carried out its first ever impact evaluation study in the early parts of 2017 which primarily aimed at determining how the alumni have used the skills they have learned at GLPI. The study had shown different stories and testimonies in terms of relevance of what they have learned and applicability in actual practice which inform more training designs and strategies for GLPI.


In October 2017, GLPI held its annual October training institute which trained peace practitioners from the Great Lakes region in the following areas: 1) Conflict Analysis in the Great Lakes Region, 2) Fundamental Frameworks for Peacebuilding, 3) Understanding and Response to Stress and Trauma, and 4) Peace and Development. This month-long training also involved visits to local peace committees, memorial sites, cultural sites, and nature sanctuaries.


This year also witnessed the end of assignment for Melody Musser who served as GLPI Coordinator over the last five (5) years and the turnover of the role to Christine Sumog-oy, the new GLPI Coordinator who will be serving with GLPI for the next three (3) years. GLPI had seen several improvements and accomplishments under Melody Musser’s leadership and is grateful for all her hardwork, dedication, and service. At the same time, GLPI is ready for Christine Sumog-oy’s service and is looking forward to her contributions in the succeeding years.


With the global impact evaluation, the training institute, and the transition to the new Coordinator, GLPI is ready to continue to take upon greater heights, to welcome new organizations and individuals who are interested in participating in our trainings and special modules, to strengthen the alumni network, and to contribute to building regional peace in the African Great Lakes Region.


Download the full 2017 Annual Narrative Report here.