GLPI commits to promote high quality trainings for peace and development practitioners in the African Great Lakes Region. GLPI offers training opportunities each year in the region through the October Institute, which is the primary annual peacebuilding training of GLPI, and through the special course modules. As of October 2018, GLPI had trained more than 400 participants from Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, and Uganda since its founding in 2004. 


The October Institute is the annual peacebuilding training season of GLPI which is done in the entire month of October. For year 2019, GLPI is offering eight (8) course modules under the a) peacebuilding and b) organizational and community development tracks as follows:












Click this link if you are interested in attending our October 2019 Annual Peacebuilding Trainings.


The special modules are the one-week trainings held at different times of the year and in any countries in the African Great Lakes Region. These modules are organized based on the situational needs of the region, and topics are determined based on what are needed to be discussed during a particular time. Unlike the October Institute which is usually held in Gitega, Burundi, the special modules can be done in Rwanda, DRC, and other countries in the region depending on the participants' needs, and security situation. 

These are some of the special modules that had been organized in the past:

GLPI 201: Reflecting on Peace Practices

GLPI 202: Biblical Foundations for Peacebuilding: Conflict Management and Resolution in Religious Structures

GLPI 203: Peace Education Clubs Approach: Theory and Practice

GLPI 204: Leadership, Good Governance and Peacebuilding

Because the schedule for the special module varies, it is usually announced at least one month before the one-week training. To have more ideas about special modules, you can read about our recently concluded special module on "Youth Peace Clubs: Theory and Practice". 


GLPI aims to create a platform for exchanging and sharing experiences and ideas about peacebuilding in the African Great Lakes Region. Because of this, GLPI hopes to develop its research and publications portfolio by giving opportunities to local peace practitioners to publish stories, articles, and journals and share their findings and recommendations in a regional peace conference gathering several organizations and civil society groups in the African Great Lakes Region. This way, GLPI is able to enrich its knowledge and understanding of the political, economic and social issues confronting the region and is able to propose policies or recommendations for national and regional peacebuilding.


GLPI strives to build a network of peacebuilders in the African Great Lakes Region. Regional, national, and community meetings are regularly held in order to check-in with peace practitioners who are part of the regional alumni network. The network collects stories and testimonies that determine the impact of GLPI trainings, gathers information on existing efforts, initiatives, and mechanisms that are focused on building regional peace, and finds more effective ways to share, connect, and building the network.


A recent global evaluation study conducted by GLPI shows that the network needs to develop a monitoring and support mechanism that will enable them not only to continue to learn from each other’s experiences and personal journeys but also to find ways to collaborate for regional peace; involve not only the civil society organizations but also those who have stake in the conflicts in the region including the government, and the church leaders, among others; get involved in local, national, and regional efforts for mediation, reconciliation, and peacebuilding, including being part of existing regional coordinating mechanisms; and generate more resources to keep the network going. 

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