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GLPI'S 2018 Annual Narrative Report

(28/12/18) The Great Lakes Peacebuilding Institute (GLPI) is a regional peacebuilding training institute that covers the African Great Lakes Region, with its main office based in Burundi. Since its founding in 2004, GLPI commits to peace education, capacity building, and peacebuilders’ engagement in the region, hoping to impart values that promote peace, reconciliation, and healing in a region that has experienced unspeakable atrocities and continues to face political, economic, and security challenges.

GLPI held its 15th Annual Peacebuilding Trainings

(28/10/18) GLPI held its 15th annual peacebuilding training on October 1-26, 2018 at the MIPAREC Conference Center in Gitega, Burundi. A total of seventeen (17) participants attended the month-long October 2018 institute, coming from DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. This is by far the most number of countries represented in GLPI trainings since we started offering our trainings in 2004.

School Administrators, Student Leaders and Peace Workers Trained in Peace Education for the Youth

(9/7/18) The special module on Youth Peace Clubs (YPC) was held by GLPI on July 2-6, 2018 in Gitega, Burundi, training twenty-three (23) participants from Rwanda, DRC, and Burundi. The participants are composed of school administrators, project coordinators, student and youth leaders, church leaders, and representatives of different groups and organizations interested in implementing peace education among youth.

GLPI's 2017 Annual Narrative Report

(29/12/17) Over 14 years since its inception, GLPI remains committed in creating safe spaces where peacebuilders in the African Great Lakes Region are coming together with openness and mutual solidarity to build capacities, learn new tools, and share personal journeys in relation to building peace and transforming conflicts.

15 Participants from Kenya, DRC, Burundi and Rwanda Successfully Completed 2017 October Trainings

(31/10/17) From October 2 to 27, 2017, GLPI hosted the annual peacebuilding training at the MIPAREC Conference Center in Gitega, Burundi. The training was an opportunity to gather several peace practitioners to deepen their analysis of the conflicts in the Great Lakes Region, to develop skills in reconciliation, mediation, and negotiation, to learn ways to heal from trauma, and to find better strategies to sustain peace efforts in different localities.

Peacebuilding Thrives amidst Burundi Unrest

(30/10/15) As political unrest brings increased violence in Burundi, Mennonite Central Committee’s (MCC) partners continue building on two decades of peacebuilding to encourage nonviolence in the midst of this national conflict.


Sprinkled like salt across Burundi are peacebuilders who have been trained at MCC-supported trainings during the Burundi Civil War in 1993-2005 and at the Great Lakes Peacebuilding Institute(GLPI) since 2004. 

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