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Great Lakes Peacebuilding Institute

PO Box 1470, Bujumbura, Burundi


+257 76 94 1981

© 2019 by GLPI. 

Welcome to our October 2019 Annual Peacebuilding Trainings in Burundi! 

Deadline of Applications (extended): September 22, 2019

Training Information

The October 2019 Institute: 16th Annual Peacebuilding Trainings of GLPI

From September 30 to October 25, 2019 in Burundi

GLPI invites peace and development practitioners from the African Great Lakes Region to participate in our 16th Annual Peacebuilding Trainings which will be held from September 30 to October 25, 2019 at the MIPAREC Conference Center in Gitega, Burundi. Trainings are offered both in English and French, and presentations and materials are provided in both languages. 

These trainings are offered in line with our mission to bring together peace and development workers in the region to build stronger capacities for peacebuilding, transform values and mindsets that reject violence, and share best practices for attaining conflict-sensitive and sustainable development. 

The trainings that GLPI is offering are made up of high-quality intensive course modules that include both classroom discussions and field activities to maximize learning opportunities. This year, GLPI is introducing for the first time two tracks of courses: the Peacebuilding Track and the Organizational and Community Development Track. The courses that will be offered under each track are as follows: (See section on course modules for more information)





Courses are taught by a roster of facilitators who have wide range of experiences, trainings, and expertise in the field of peacebuilding and community and organizational development. They combine research, theories and practice in order to relate frameworks, tools, and approaches into local contexts. They also use participatory learner-focused methods in order to cater to different learning styles of the participants. See section on course facilitators for more info


Participants have different options in participating. They can participate for the entire month, and choose one course module for each week, either under the Peacebuilding Track, or under the Organizational and Community Development Track. However, if the entire month is not possible based on work schedule, participants can also select one or any of the modules that interest them most, or during one or any of the weeks where they find availability. See section on application process for more info

Being part of the entire month gives participants the full learning experience at GLPI because apart from course work and field visits during the week, there are also weekend activities that allow participants to see more of the natural sites, historical memories and cultural heritage  of Burundi, as the host country. See section on October 2019 calendar for more info

In order to apply for the trainings, participants have to 1) meet certain criteria for admission, 2) submit the required documents, and 3) pay the required application and tuition fees. GLPI offers very limited scholarships, and participants are encouraged to find their own sponsors. As above-stated, deadline of receipt of application documents is September 22, 2019. Early submission of applications is advisable, in order to give enough time for training preparations and travel plans. See section on application process for more info



Thank you so much for your interest in GLPI.

We look forward to seeing you in our future trainings.

If you have other questions that are not covered here, try to refer to the section on frequently asked questions

about GLPI and our October 2019 Institute.

Or you can also message us via email: glpeacebuildinginstitute@gmail.com,

and the Coordinator of GLPI will respond to your inquiries.